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finger in the connecting hole, he reaches down
with the other hand and picks up a stout rawhide
thong about three feet long and draws it through
the hole. He then ties the flesh up tightly and
with his knife repeats the operation on the right
breast., using the other end of the thong to tie it
up with. When this is done the young man, who
has not yet uttered a sound, has one rawhide thong
'sewed* into his chest at both ends. The medi-
cine-man now takes a heavier thong, many feet
long, and ties one end to the thong in the young
man's chest and the other end to the Sun Dance

And it is now that the young aspiring brave
begins his dance. He gets up and starts his dance
while the next man comes and kneels before the
medicine-man. As the drums boom to the sing-
ing of the Sun Dance song, the young man dances
and jerks upon the long thong, trying to pull out
the flesh which it holds and free himself. He
dances on and on., jerking with all his might.

Sometimes they danced many hours without
being able to free themselves. If the young man
lasted all this time without fainting, the medicine-
man would order a warrior to come into the lodge
on a pony, and he would untie the thong from
the pole and fasten it to the horse. The warrior
would then race around and around the lodge,
dragging the young man behind him in an effort